About ABM

ABM was founded in the1970s as a brand of floor and wall coverings. It makes no compromises when it comes to quality tiles. This is ensured for the tile brand by modern manufacturing technology at the locations inside of the EU. At these locations and based on carefully selection, an experienced workforce ensures the high degree of precision required in the production.

Products that the company signs. Tiles that we design, we create and we produce with high quality standards and best materials from all over the world. ABM tiles guarantees that this brand line will satisfy all needs for your home.


When high technology meets everyday life, the product start thinking about you.
ABM introduces technological innovation  abmsm+,  “smart tile”.
The smart formula of abmsm+, demonstrate, one smooth surface on the floor, in every circumstances, soft and easy to clean, which changes the degree of anti-slip, when water falls.

Touch it and live it.
Leave your floor to think about you.