Our products are derived from a thorough quality control which are entrusted all over the world. For us, quality means innovation and for that reason we make substantial investments every year, assigning a significant portion of it to research.

Working side-by-side with laboratory on research of materials, finishes, and decorations, we introduce to a new concept of eco friendly tiles for healthier living space, a set of series with the use of recycled raw materials and the products produced are themselves recyclable and biocompatible.

The innovation large format tiles can be employed to modulate space with a groundbreaking vision. For this reason, we launch large format tiles. These tiles are suit for all Green Building Projects as they are produced under strict environment control.


The production technology allows us to open new horizons of design, the use of these plates large modular, allowing the creation of a new living environment that enhances the natural materials used. The rediscovery of nature and its essence, water and clay, transformed with the extrusion process made raw, custom plates give the technical and aesthetic characteristics. Forms, unknown with traditional production systems, impart a particular personality to the Habitat project and each project takes on an atmosphere of pure pleasure. The flexibility of the extruded porcelain, makes it possible all the laying patterns as it level themselves to the screed to their own weight so that the surface obtained is perfectly planar and easy to lay.

The uniqueness of structures made raw, make it different each slab and molded in the image of nature and its essence such as wood and stone. This stage represents and combines the unique personality and genuine typical products of nature. The technology meetsnature and respects its environmental impact because the raw materials used are recycled and the material produced is itself recyclable, and biocompatible.

Products for the construction in accordance with the healthy living:

• low CO2 emissions in the production process for the use of 50% of raw materials pure state, not atomized, which can halve the pollution generated.

• high use of natural substances that have a beneficial impact on health and increases the energy efficiency of buildings.